Promotion Eligibility

Customers who purchase a round-trip ticket from the U.S. to Japan, including Hawaii, on any of the following eligible airlines through IACE TRAVEL and wish to use an eSIM.

Eligible Airlines:Japan Airlines / American Airlines / Delta Airlines / United Airlines

When requesting an eSIM, please provide the following information at the time of reservation

Promotion CodeJPESIM2023

The number of eSIMs and email address to register. (one e-mail address per eSIM data plan is required)

 ・Applicable to purchase on and after May 11, 2023.

・Delta Airlines: Applicable to Delta Airlines and Korean Airlines operated by Delta Airlines flight number.

・United Airlines: Operated by United Airlines under United Airlines flight numbers are eligible.

・The number of eSIMs cannot exceed the number of persons who have made flight reservations.

・Promotion will end when all eSIMs available for purchase from IACE TRAVEL are gone.


The eSIM benefit is a free gift for customers who have purchased the above-mentioned eligible tickets and wish to use the eSIM. If you wish to use an eSIM, please confirm in advance that your mobile device is compatible with an eSIM. 

❏ To use eSIM, your mobile device must have the following environment.

❏ Check the Simlock Removal:

・You may not be able to use eSIM depending on your mobile device or other conditions, but even in such cases, no refund or other support will be provided.

・Please check with your service provider for your requirements regarding unlocking your SIM lock. All links above are to the official website of Ubigi, the eSIM provider of IACE TRAVEL.

Ubigi eSIM, a brand of Transatel, is an NTT Group company You will receive a 1GB data plan for use in Japan!

  • Ubigi: Official Partner of Apple and Microsoft
  • Valid for 30 days after connecting to the network. 5G compatible.
  • Allocation of a Japanese IP address enables the use of localized content
  • Additional data can be purchased when data is running low.



❏ Ubigi’s eSIM is available in over 190 eligible regions worldwide.

❏ Your account, after being opened, can be used for subsequent trips back to Japan or to other countries.

❏ If an account is unused for more than 18 months, it may be deleted.

A SIM card in a mobile device.

If your mobile device is an eSIM compatible model, you can use the service simply by setting it up, without the need to replace the physical SIM card.

eSIM is so convenient!

  • You can communicate with your mobile device and do not need a Wi-Fi router.
  • No need to search for a Wi-Fi environment to connect to the Internet.
  • Save on carrier roaming fees and Wi-Fi router rental costs.

Network:NTT Docomo 3G / 4G / 5G

  • 85 MB / hr for web browsing
  • 1 MB / mail for e-mail
  • 1GB / hr for streaming Calculated based on the above



The times and capacities listed above are only estimates.

The eSIM provided by IACE Travel does not guarantee the above times or capacities.

  1. Please ask for the “Promotion Code” when you make a reservation. The code will be listed in the “Campaign Eligibility” section at the top of this page.
  2. After the airline ticket is issued, IACE Travel will send you the QR code.
  3. Download the eSIM profile from the QR code.
  4. Download the Ubigi application.
  5. Create an account


Please also request the number of tickets you would like to purchase for 1. One e-mail address is required per eSIM. Please note that we cannot grant more eSIMs than the number of customers who have made reservations. You will be able to use the data plan after the account creation described in ※5. We recommend that you create your account as soon as possible after your departure.